Project Analysis
For all kinds of building projects, I analyse the construction plans and check them for strengths and weaknesses. My competence, experience and my visual thinking serve to optimize a building project and are the basis for a well-wrought final product. 

Materials and Colours
The radiance of surfaces is a key characteristic of how we perceive buildings. Only the interplay of colours and materials make interior spaces come alive. This is why the choice of colours, materials and furniture is so crucial for the impression a space creates. Colour coatings are an efficient and cost-effective means to create or change a certain atmosphere in rooms. But also textiles, such as curtains, can have an important impact on their surroundings.

Facilities and Furnishing
As an expert, I quickly recognize spatial conditions and advise on which changes can create a stimulus for a new living atmosphere. Consultation on new purchases, integrating existing furniture and other tips are key to finding individual solutions for every budget.