Interior architecture
My work, as I understand it, is architecture from the inside out. When designing spaces, be it for the public or private sector, the human being is always at the centre. My studio’s fields of activity encompass interior design assignments ranging from the shell of the house to entire furnishings, individual consulting for project analyses, colour and material consulting, and furnishing advice – as well as special assignments as part of a team of architects. The collaboration between customers, technical experts and artistic specialists is central to my work.

Building biology
One of the main concerns of my work is how human beings feel comfortable in a certain space. The spatial composition is an interplay of materials, colours, patterns and shapes and is conceived to appeal to the senses. To achieve this, I work with natural elements such as daylight, wood, paint, textiles. If possible, sustainable products are used, which are harmless to health and preferably also environmentally friendly.
But also aspects of building technology play into my consulting, such as the avoidance of electric smog.

The basis for each work process is a careful analysis, which takes into account individual requirements and local conditions. The result are solutions that are tailored to the users and the use of a space. My task range is broad and diverse: from conceptual work to project planning, building design and cost planning, as well as monitoring the construction until the completion of the project.

My clients are public and private institutions, private-sector small and medium enterprises as well as individuals.